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Alysia Brunst for SailorandSaint s’ photoshoot :)

Alysia Brunst

I love this make up i did on this beautiful girl…

Eyes: I used Orb eye shadow from MAC all over the lid with Cork eye shadow in the crease… Black Black cromaline with BootBlack from MAC to make the color super matte and black.  I added 2 pairs of Naimiess lashes in RDW wispy to add a dramatic effect… I used a neutral white pencil by NARS in the water line to open up her eyes with black eye shadow under neath the lash line. Last, I added the individual lash by Naimies to add fullness to her natural lashes…

Lips: Lady Danger lipstick and Brick lip liner by MAC



Nars!!!! I am a #NARSissist :)

Nars lipstick

If your looking for an amazing RED, try this one! Cruella from NARS, with Chestnut lip liner from MAC.. My lashes in this post is from #FlutterLashes in Annabella with #Naimies single lash individuals on the bottom 🙂

Whats your thoughts!!!!


Espys Red Carpet with Draya Michele

Draya Michele espys

So flawless… So perfect and very naturally put together in the face… 🙂

Skin: CoverFX foundation in g60 with pro long wear concealer  MAC in NC30 and NC20 to highlight and add dimension… NC50 studio finish concealer MAC to contour as well. I love to set the concealer with Pink Ben Nye powder and medium dark mineralize powder MAC around the face. Give Me Sun mineralize powder on the perimiter of the face to contour.

Eyes: Naked pigment MAC as the brow highlight and all over the lid with golden bronzer MAC in the crease. Naimies Wispy lashes in RDW on top with expresso eye shadow under neath the lash line ..

Lips: Boldly bare lip pencil, peach stock lip stick, Fashion Scoop lip glass from MAC



The beautiful Jessica Burciaga


She’s flawless without make up thats for sure, but I added my little touch to enhance this beauties natural glow.. 🙂

Skin: I used CoverFX foundation in G50 with Ben Nye Bananna powder to set it.. I used NW25 mineralize concealer MAC, with NC 20 prolong wear concealer MAC to highlight. I used studio finish concealers to contour in nc 45 MAC and Golden Bronzer to set it. Melon pigment MAC was used to highlight as well…

Eyes: I used the light matte colors from the Smashbox ” Full Exposure ” pallet on her eyes with the NARS white eye liner to open up the eyes with some of the deeper browns in the eye shadow pallet underneath the lash line… I used lashes from Naimies in RDW wispy on top, and their single individual lashes on the bottom…

Lips: Stripdown lip liner, myth liptick and 2N lip glass all from MAC

Thank you for reading!

Crystal Renay

This beautiful lady is just stunning.. With and without make up… In this look, I wanted soemthjng smokey but bronzy for her beach bikini shoot…


Melon pigment by MAC is used on the lid and Brown script eye shadow is used on the crease with Brown Down and Carbon to deepen the darkness…

Cover FX Foundation with their mineral powder is my favorite thing to use for a flawless look but a natural finish…

#Naimies Eye lashes in RDW and RWSP are the best types of full but wispy lashes to use for all my clients…

Email me questions! 🙂 xoxoxo

Warm Smokey eyes ❤️

Iv always loved how warm toned browns look on a bronzy skin tone…

20140706-192809-70089634.jpg I used :
Painterly paint pod from MAC as a base with Juicy eye shadow from MAC on the lid.. In the crease I used “Surabaya” from NARS with Embark eye shadow from MAC to deepen the color.. As her highlight, I used Naked Pigment from MAC … On the lower lash line, I used “Surabaya” with the #219 Brush from MAC to smoke out the color.. No eye liner was used in this look 🙂

Her skin was highlighted with Melon Pigment from MAC and bronzed with Refined Golden bronzer…

Peachstock lipstick from MAC and Boldy Bare lip pencil on the lips…

Email me for any all questions! TaniaMariaMUA@Gmail.com

Brittish Williams from Basketball Wives LA !

20140623-115452-42892649.jpg Such a gorgeous Make Up don’t you agree? 🙂

I used Brick lip liner from MAC, Russian Red lipstick from MAC, and Red Velvet from Lime Crime cosmetics on top to seal the color and give a beautiful matte finish…

On her eyes, I used Groundwork paint pod from MAC, with Lith pigment from MAC on the lid and highlight, with Saddle eye shadow from MAC in the crease … To get that jet black eye liner, I use, Cromaline in BLACK BLACK from MAC, with Boot Black liquid eye liner on top. 🙂

Feel free to email any questions! TaniaMariaMUA@gmail.com 😉

Favorite Must Haves ❤️

I get questioned a lot as to what my favorite ” must haves ” are, and today I’ll definitely be sharing!

Skin: I love love love to use SmashBoxs’ Photo Finish Primer as my base before I apply my foundation.

20140619-190405-68645245.jpg Next, is my favorite foundation from Cover FX .. I personally use G60 in the foundation and G40 in their mineral powder ..


20140619-190743-68863820.jpg For my concealer, I use MAC mineral concealer in NW25 and NW20 , with BenNye Pink loose powder on top.


20140619-191024-69024238.jpg For my cheeks, I love Laura Merciers’ highlight and bronzer as my contour and color… It leaves my skin bronzy and glowy, while being healthy for your skin…


20140619-191747-69467161.jpg For my lips, I use everything from Mac to Nars depending on the day and my mood..
Please email me for any further questions about my must haves!

Summer Time

I love using warm tones to bring out a tan …. So in this post, I used MAC eye shadows to radiate a glow

20140617-104917-38957000.jpg So for the lid, I used ” Golden Rod ” eye shadow from MAC, “Brown Script ” eye shadow in the crease with “Folie” to deepen the color. For the brow highlight, I used ” Naked ” pigment.. I used ” Teddy ” eye khol in the lower lash like with Folie to smoke it out.. And ” Boot Black ” on the top lash line… For all other questions about this look, please email me TaniaMariaMUA@gmail.com

Gold Carpet for ” Think like a man 2 ”

Had the pleasure of doing Drayas make up for the premier of ” Think like a man 2″ and we had a blast creating the concept for her look… Lets just say, she slayed the carpet and her dress!!!!!!



What I used: I wanted to go for a clean, natural look with  a great contour and highlight, soooo lets start with the eyes:

Eyes: Ground work paint pod #252 brush, and I used Naked Pigment from MAC #252 as her brow highlight, with Gold Mode pigment from MAC #252 brush, and lastly in her crease I used Soft Brown eye shadow from MAC #242 and Galapagos eye shadow from Nars Cosmetics. I love love love the eye lashes from Naimees Beauty Supply in WISPY RDW for a natural but statement eye. In her waterline, I used Teddy eye kohl from MAC with Galapagos eye shadow to smoke it out…

Her blush is Orgasm from Nars and contoured with the Anatesia Beverly Hills pallet… Lips are finished with Clear Lip glass and Peachstock lipstick and lined with Boldy Bare lip pencil from MAC cosmetics.

Ladies, for any other questions or comments about this look, feel free to email me at TaniaMariaMUA@gmail.com 🙂